WM Professional (WMPRO)

WMPRO The Evolution Of The Referral billionaire Industry And The Incorporation Of Blockchain Technology.



Total Supply:50,000,000

Start Date

July 20th 2018 00:00 (UTC+0)

End Date

October 31st 2018 23:59 (UTC+0)


During the last couple of years, the online word-of-mouth and referral marketing has grown to a value of over $189 billion, and involves over 116 million operators. 
Despite its massive size, the market is actively affected by the presence of unverified and fake information spreading across internet platforms.
The obstacle to the growth of this industry due to the indiscriminate use of social networks and the internet and the proliferation and diffusion of “unverified” fake information have come to an end.

A team of visionaries with a passion for marketing pointed to blockchain’s great potential for marketing to fight fake news and uplift the whole word of mouth Industry to new heights.
WMPRO and Eucleia Platform satisfy the need for certified data to check quality
; for a trustable and inviolable ranking based on the results achieved – stopping fake news and fake unnecessary rating likes-based
; for a sector specialized e-commerce platform where professionals and companies can find all they need (trainings, tools, adv) to take advantage of one of the top growing industry of this century.

For all these reasons WMPRO’s Blockchain Ecosystem is implemented as utility token and provides a compelling solution for
•           Transparency
•           Immutability
•           Irreversibility
•           Low costs
•           Security
•           Accessibility
for a world where users aren’t forced to trust in any individual or organization but rather in trustable data implemented through cryptography and economics.

To put things better into perspective, Eucleia authenticates data, whereas the WMPRO blockchain works by certifying individual users based on the quantity and quality of the uploaded information.
In return, this brings various advantages to both businesses, but also customers 
– all certifications work towards generating a score that determines a user’s professional rating if certain conditions are met on the smart contract, which can then be showcased anywhere on the web with a “WMPRO Certified” sticker.

The presence of the \"WMPRO certified\" sticker will spread the popularity of the token to incredible levels.
The 4 phases certification protocol is already under patenting process: software, spider, manual and artificial intelligence, will increase the value of the project and the token itself.

It is important to point out the fact that the certification service will payable in WMPRO will support all companies and operators willing to certify their activities, service quality, and skills.
Eucleia’s platform revolves around the idea that allows users to hold onto their cryptocurrency and/or spend cash at the same time on necessary purchases of services with a unique platform that met the market’s needs. 
To this purpose the company is also creating a sector specific e-commerce platform, which customers can use to directly purchase services from providers, via the WMPRO tokens, which are spendable on the platform. 
A higher number of users on the platform will help create true decentralization, thus protecting prices from abrupt increases, and creating a trust-based online industry.

WMPRO is also planning to offer API integration. 
This way, the service will be implementable across a variety of apps, web services and industries where word-of-mouth is relevant. 
Similar business models have been used by other major companies and have proven to be successful.

An important information about  unsold tokens use (according to a plan that can be established only at the end of the Sale, based on the results):
-         30% temporary freeze of tokens (voluntary escrow, milestone-based): They will be put back on sale when specified milestones have been reached (and then to follow the achievement of successive targets)
-         Goal : funding the project
-         70% temporary block (freezing) of tokens and distribute, for free ( on the basis of deadlines set for objectives), to the purchasers who bought during the ico (and held, not selling)  proportionally “xx” for every WMPRO bought, to enjoy bigger advantages.
-         Goal: Increase auto lock up by purchasers

The company did not start with a pre-sale to make the project “protected” and well managed. 
Many Ico pre-sales can drive to change the number of tokens and a larger discount that affect reputation and investors irritation.
All Sale is regulated directly by smart contract and no by the company. 
This means that if for any reason, the Softcap is not reached, purchasers will have their Eth (or any currency used for the purchase) back automatically.
So WMPRO wants purchasers granted with the smart contract.
The company has also frozen tokens for Team and Reserve.
In an effort to raise capital for the development of the platform, WM Professional will be holding an Initial Coin Offering. 
Following the token sale event, it is expected that Eucleia MVP will be operative by October 2018, followed by a worldwide deployment of the service in February 2019.

Interested in being a part of it? Find more on WMPRO website here and sing up join the token sale.


  • Giovanni Lionetti


  • Riccardo Vieri


  • Maurizio Siracusa


  • Alex Tei


  • Luca Falbo


  • Luana Sicari

    Direct Selling Specialist

  • Stefano Crespi


  • Francesca Rossi

    Pr Relations