MB8 Coin (MB8)

MB8 Coin will be used as the fuel for the existing Multibuy loyalty rewards network. MB8 Coin will be the first ever cryptocurrency that is released with a proven real world use and will be accepted as part or whole payment within the existing network of vendors and retailers. MB8 Coin is set to become the backbone of the rewards network that has already been white labelled by over 2100 businesses.

MB8コインは既存のMultibuyロイヤルティ報酬ネットワークの燃料として使用されます。 MB8コインは、現実世界で使用される最初の暗号通貨となり、ベンダーや小売業者の既存のネットワーク内で、支払いの一部または全部として受け入れられます。 MB8コインは、すでに2100以上の企業が報酬ネットワークのバックボーンになるように設定されています。


Total Supply:646,000,000

Start Date

May 7th 2018 12:00 (UTC+0)

End Date

August 31st 2018 12:00 (UTC+0)




  • Giancarlo Santigli

    Entrepreneur and Founder of Multibuy

  • Kirby Sharon Raneri

    Co-founder & Business development manager

  • Terry James

    Training and Development Manager

  • Carlo Brunelleschi

    Full Stack Developer

  • Constantin Macovei

    Customer Service