Karatbank (KBC)

The KaratBank Coin is cryptonized gold that can be transferred borderlessly, cost efficiently, securely and in real-time. Its value is predictable because the value of gold has a long tradition and everybody has an idea about its stability. Therefore, the KaratBank Coin has the ability to become generally accepted worldwide.

KaratBank Coinは効率良く安全に国際送金できる暗号化された金(Gold)です。 金の価値には長い伝統があり、皆その安定性を理解しているので、金の価値は予測しやすい。 そのため、KaratBank Coinは徐々に世界的に受け入れられていく。


Total Supply:

Start Date

March 22nd 2018 23:00 (UTC+0)

End Date

April 19th 2018 23:00 (UTC+0)




  • Harald Seiz


  • Thomas Valet

    Head of Marketing & Sales, European Financial Consultant

  • Martina Tag

    Chief Operating Officer, German Economic Council