Dimensions Network (DST)

A Hybrid trading platform for cryptocurrency coins, options, futures and other derivatives. The Exchange Aggregator will find the best price across multiple exchanges and automatically give the best price possible. Dimensions Network takes care of all of the hard work so you don’t need a trading account elsewhere. Token holders receive 15% of the trading fees generated by the platform.


Total Supply:480,000,000

Start Date

June 28th 2018 06:00 (UTC+0)

End Date

July 28th 2018 06:00 (UTC+0)


Dimensions Network ICO Details
Target Contribution: 30,000 ETH
Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 4,800 STC

Dimensions Strike Token
Dimensions Strike Token (DST) is a token issued by Dimensions Network to carry out a number of functions. Initially the token will be used to distribute rewards to our token holders. A 15% share of the trading fees generated by Dimensions Network will be shared with our token holders as a reward.

Use of Funds
45% Development Fund
15% Marketing and Sales
15% Compliance / Regulation
10% Admin and Operations
5% Exchange Liquidity
5% Legal
5% Bug Bounty


  • Stephen Mullens

    Co Founder - CEO

  • Rin Chwe Me

    Co Founder - COO

  • Manu Datta

    Co Founder - CTO

  • Suba Shiniie

    UI / UX

  • Navneet Kumar

    Core Developer