ICO TIMERは日本最大級のICO(Initial Coin Offering)情報掲載サイトです。


あなたのプロジェクトを掲載したい場合は「Add Your ICO」よりご連絡ください。

ICO TIMERではより良く情報提供ができるよう、独自にICOランクを開発し掲載しています。


ICO TIMERは提供いただいた情報および調査した情報を掲載するサイトであり、ユーザーが探している情報を見つけるのを助けるツールです。



ICO とは?

ICOとは(Initial Coin Offering)の略でクラウドセールやプレセール、トークンセールなどとも呼ばれます。



ICO TIMER is one of the biggest online media about ICO in Japan.

Our aim is that investors can find and invest the best ICO projects for them by listing ICO projects all over the world.
ICO TIMER is one of marketing platforms for ICO projects.
We believe the crypto currency industry will dramatically grow in a right way like ICO TIMER.
If you want to list your project, please contact us from "Add Your ICO".
We have developed ICO score with original algorithm and post the score on each ICO projects.
ICO score is evaluated by bronze, silver, and gold listings.
ICO TIMER lists information we get from you and our investigations, which helps investors look for information.
ICO TIMER is not a financial service website and never give invest advice and induce you to join ICO.
We do not guarantee the possibility of projects since we do not verify truth or trust of the information of projects we list.
If you join ICO projects based on our information and make troubles, we do not have any responsibility for it.
You need to take full responsibility for your invest.

What is ICO?

ICO(Initial Coin Offering) is called "Crowd sale", "Pre-sale", or "Token sale" and one of ways to raise fund.
The system of ICO is similar to IPO or Crowdfunding.
ICO is different from IPO and Crowdfunding in raising fund in cryptocurrency by issue of original token(crypto currency or coin) . ICO system makes the fund raise easier and let investors invest more easily.